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Production capacity:25,000 tons/year

How to make customer-made pulp

1. Materials 2. Chopping and crushing 3. Putting into the Pulper

Materials collected from all over Japan are brought into the inspection room to detect foreign bodies manually. Roll-shaped materials are cut and made to be flat.

  • Foreign body inspection
  • Paper quality test
  • Luminescence test

The materials are broken into small pieces with a chopper and crusher to make hot water penetrate into the materials and separate polyethylene and pulp more easily.

According to the planned procedures, each material is put into a big mixer-like machine called “Pulper” one by one.

Materials are mixed in accordance with the customers' needs
4. Pulper (dissolution)


Materials, hot water and chemicals are put into the Pulper and mixed well to separate pulp and polyethylene which is laminated on the surface of cartons.

  • Foreign body inspection
  • Luminescence test
  • pH test
  • Chlorine test

Thermal recycle


Removed polyethylene is incinerated in an incinerator to utilize the heat generated by the incineration for producing hot water to be used in the pulper.


Surplus polyethylene is processed to solid fuel called “RPF”.
This “RPF” is made by our group company and is used to a heat source for some paper companies.

5. Screening (separation)

Screening Screening

Small polyethylene fragments and impure substances are removed by filtering and gravity separation stepwise. The operation is centrally controlled by a computer.

  • Transparency test
  • pH test
  • Chlorine test
6. Pulp machine

Pulp machine Pulp machine

The produced pulp is pressed to remove moisture and processed into sheets. Then the sheets are conveyed to the measuring machine to check the quality including the weight, packaging, luminescence, foreign substances and color.

  • Weight-checking
  • Luminescence test
  • Chlorine test
  • Color-difference test
  • Foreign substance test
Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

A large amount of water used in the factory is purified by coagulating sedimentation and microbial treatment before discharging the water.

7. Quality management

Quality management Quality management

Products are regularly sampled for detailed examinations such as moisture percentage.

  • Foreign substance test
  • Freeness test
  • Paper hand-making test
  • Moisture percentage, etc.
8. Shipment

Shipment Pulp

Products that meet the standards are shipped throughout Japan

Our focus on quality is the key for our products.

We conduct thorough inspection at each manufacturing procedure to deliver pulp that satisfies our customers.


We provide quality requested by our customers in cooperation with each inspection institute when needed.
Ehime Institute of Industrial Technology Paper Technology Center

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