Custom-made pulp production starts with having discussions with our customers

We are pulling every string to realize customers’ requests with our on-the-spot policy.

We disclose all of our manufacturing processes to the public.

We provide high-quality products that customers can be assured of and trust in by asking a public institution for inspection.

Custom-made pulp

High-quality recycled pulp manufactured by our unique technologies and strict examinations

We can satisfy customers’ needs with manufacturing skills and know-how that we have obtained so far.
We select an appropriate material from a variety of used papers to produce papers with specific features.
Our quality management for each production process is very strict to produce pulp with stable quality.
Since we have also focused on research and development of better pulp, we can plan and propose a kind of pulp to support the products of our customers.

Purpose for the use of recycled pulp
(our business practice)

– Manufacturing a wide range of papers (Japanese-style papers, Western-style papers, papers used at home, special papers and paperboards)
– Construction materials (interior materials and exterior materials)
– Molded packages (for fruits, eggs and industrial products)

Carton-recycled pulp (samples of custom-made pulp)

Only strictly selected high-quality cartons are recycled to make this pulp. This quality pulp is very white and non-luminescent and has high strength.

Characteristics of carton(laminated paper)-recycled pulp

Since cartons are produced from high-quality pulp made of needle-leaved trees grown in North America and North Europe, the fibers of such carton-recycled pulp are thick and long.

Product specifications
Weight in wet base About 1,250 kg
Moisture percentage 55-60%
AD weight: About 600 kg
Size 1,200 x 800 x 1,800 (mm)
whiteness 82-88% PH value 6-8
Freeness 450-550 ml Fluorescence None
Ash content 0.5-1.5% Breaking length 3-5 km

*Please feel free to contact us for more detail.

Only our carton-recycled pulp is approved to use the ‘Milk carton-recycled product mark’ among many carton-recycled pulps.
About the ‘Milk carton-recycled product mark’

Non-wood pulps

We trade non-wood pulps which are ecologically friendly.

Following certification is possible with our pulp

酒・アルミ付紙パック循環システムマーク エコマーク グリーンマーク 再生紙マーク

Quality inspection

Detailed inspection in collaboration with external institutions is available.
We provide a kind of pulp which meets customers’ demands.
– Click here for our quality inspection

Message from the person in charge

“Our pulp is used for a variety of products.
We always try to produce a kind of pulp which can satisfy our customers’ needs (in quality and specifications) for a wide range of purposes and product qualities.”

by Mr. Hisanaga Kametani in charge of pulp in the Sales Department