“FSC Recycled Pulp produced by Nissey” whose quality is the best in the world.

The quality of “FSC Recycled Pulp produced by Nissey”, whose quality is the best in the world, is equivalent to that of FSC Pulp, and the level of its contribution to environmental protection is the highest.

Characteristics of FSC recycled pulp (compared with FSC pulp)

FSC recycled pulp FSC recycled pulp is rare pulp made of post-consumer paper.
FSC pulp FSC pulp is produced out of timber cut from well-managed forests.
Quality We provide the best quality FSC recycled pulp with cutting edge technologies for recycling used paper.*1
Environment Pulp can be produced without cutting trees, which further contributes to environmental protection.
Rareness × We are the only manufacturer of FSC recycled pulp to sell the product directly. We can add a special value, which no one else can offer, to our product.
Volume The production volume is limited since the volume of collected paper, which is used to produce FSC recycled paper, is limited.

*1. Regarding the quality, we try to satisfy the requests of our customers.
Please feel free to contact us.

Best for global marketing strategy for your products!

Since FSC-certified pulp is highly recognized overseas, it is the best as a packaging material for products selling in the global market.
We are the only pulp manufacturer to recycle used paper, certified with FSC in Asia.

*From the FSC Registration Database as of June 6, 2013.


Merits of using FSC recycled pulp to companies

The need for FSC-certified products has increased. Since companies overseas are especially conscious of FSC, using FSC recycled pulp can help you develop new customers.

You can mention your use of FSC recycled pulp as a part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for environmental protection.

FSC-certified products comply with the Green purchase Law.

You can assure your customers of the safety of FSC recycled pulp by proving the traceability.

FSC recycled pulp can be a credit for FSC certified products.

On-site provider inspection is unnecessary so you can save some time and money.