Nisseysangyo co.,ltd.


Nisseysangyo Co.,Ltd.

Nisseysangyo Co.,Ltd. has specialized in treating used paper since our establishment in 1970 by playing a role of warehouse dealer and now contributing to paper-recycling as a pulp manufacturer.

March 1970 Nisseysangyo Corporation started with 1,000,000 yen in capital and aimed at trade raw materials for paper manufacturing.
March 1973 Company revised to Nisseysangyo Co.,Ltd.
October 1975 The capital increased to 6,000,000 yen.
June 1985 The plant for manufacturing recycled pulp was established.
February 1996 The capital increased to 12,000,000 yen.
Enter of Crecia’s capital. Our company is playing a role in Nippon Paper Group.
October 1998 We started to supply with heat source local large greenhouses that cultivated tomatoes.
August 1999 Because of long experience, we are highly estimated and presented on the 13th Conference about milk carton recycling.
October 2008 The capital increased to 15,000,000 yen.
April 2012 Made a presentation in the South Korea-Japan Dairy Processing Industry Environment Management Forum held in Gyeongiu City, South Korea.
October 2012 Accredited with ‘EcoAction 21 Certification’.
December 2012 Exhibited our products in ‘EcoProducts 2012’.

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