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When you think,
“Mottainai!, I don’t want to throw away this used paper.”

Our company collects a various kinds of used paper to produce custom-made pulp according to the requests of our customers. If you don’t know how to treat used paper, please feel free to consult us anyway.

Kinds of used paper we handle

Inkjet paper

paper cup(waste stuff)

Carrier tapes

Coffee filters

Tissue paper

milk-bottle cover
(waste stuff)

Photographic printing paper

Aluminum pack

Cotton swab core

Outer part of milk cartons

High-quality paper rolls

Milk cartons

Message from the person in charge


We collect a variety of high-quality used papers and refractory (difficult to process) used papers as well as milk cartons from all over Japan. We can check used papers in a flexible manner, for example, receiving the samples by mail, visiting the site directly, etc. for checking.
Especially, we focus on promoting recycling-based production, which means making products by using recycled materials. If you have a problem with used paper, please feel free to consult us.

Mr. Hiroki Shima
in charge of materials in the Development Department.

Please feel free to contact us!

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