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Oct 24, 2013 - category:

Oct. 23, Matsuura a reporter of Shikoku Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. came to here to interview Hisanaga Kametani, Hiroki Shima and Tadakazu Kishino. She documented FSC and the process of recycling paper.

We explained our services to her.
 We obtained FSC accreditation in June of this year. So, we are selling FSC recycled pulp mainly to foreign companies. The FSC recycled pulp has been turned into a variety of products and is spreading around the world. As a social contribution, we have done “the Sublimation Paper Cranes Project” in Hiroshima, as well as other projects.

The reporter was very surprised with our company activities. She said ” It isn’t enough to introduce your company in 5-10 minutes”.


This episode will be broadcast on Shikoku Broadcasting “FOCUS TOKUSHIMA”
on October 29, 17
:15pm-5:58pm . 
Please watch this program.

We are looking forward to see that our children will enjoy watching us on TV.



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