Nihon Tetra Pak: Bell Mark Initiative

Nihon Tetra Pak, a major supplier for food processing and paper container filling packaging has been collecting and recycling Tetra Pak’s used cartons since 2011 as a member of the Bell Mark initiative promoted by the Bell Mark Educational Assistance Foundation. Tetra Pak’s Bell Mark initiative differs from other cases in that instead of cutting out the Bell Mark in the carton, consumers open, wash and dry the carton itself before sending it to us.









This time we created a special paper used for Japanese traditional calligraphy as well as a paper craft of Capybara as closed-loop recycling products made with Tetra Pak’s used cartons.

Nihon Tetra Pak provides a used carton collection infrastructure through the Bell Mark initiave and has been contributing to the awareness-raising towards recycling as well as improvement of the school education environment. Tetra Pak intends to take part in various social contribution and environmental activities proactively to the creation of a sustainable society.